M.A. Tarpinian


Co-hosting Thursdays 2pm-7pm

Host of Sunday Night Nice 'n Easy

Sundays 7-Midnight

Join M.A. Tarpinian every week here on RIP 97.9 & 97.5, as she joins Jay Fink every Thursday afternoon to keep you company on your ride home from work. M.A. is also the new host of our popular Sunday Night Nice 'n Easy program, featuring the best of American Pop Standards.

M.A.'s Q & A

Where were you born?  Manhattan but lived in Brooklyn until 1991.  

What's the coolest thing about the Great Northern Catskills? The Mountains themselves. I never tire of the amazing beauty of the area.

When you have friends visit the Great Northern Catskills for the first time, what's the one thing you insist they see/do?  Visit  Olana, check out whatever local events are going on.

Favorite Hobby/Pastime?  Photography, annoying Jay and riding my Horse  

If you could have one superpower, what would it be, and why? To be able to eat as much as I want and NEVER PUT ON WEIGHT  

One song that's the anthem to your life? Hmmmm.. well 2 actually...Landslide by Stevie Nicks..and  Songs of Life by Neil Diamond

Favorite band and/or songs growing up? ANY songs  by Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Carole King, The Eagles, CSNY, and America

Coolest / funniest / weirdest moment of your radio career so far? well, any time I am in the studio with Guy & Jay it’s guaranteed to be cool, always funny and most assuredly, weird...lol

If they made a movie about you, what actor would you like to play you?  either Julia  Roberts or Sandra Bullock

Famous person (living or dead) you'd most like to have dinner with? toss up between James Cagney or Judy Garland ( and I KNOW Jay thought I would say Elvis...!)

What's your #1 pet peeve?  Stupidity. no excuse these days ..  

Whom do you admire the most?  My mom..she was one of those few women who had it all ,and did it with style, grace and dignity. She still does

Dog or Cat? Other Critters?  I am employed by 1 dog, 4 cats and 1 horse.